Swerve on em

It’s the middle of Christmas break and I’m sitting here trying to figure out how will I make a brand of myself, how will I plan to prosper in 2015? I recently turned 21 five days ago, had my first legal alcoholic drink, and from there I wondered, where will I be 5 years from now? Will I be 26 with a degree and just that? Will I be ordinary or extraordinary? 

It comes a time in your 20s where you think that you’re a failure because you haven’t gotten to where you see others are yet. Social media plays a significant role in this generation, every second, hour, day, week is consumed by social media. It’s access to the lives of many young celebs who are living the life we all want. We are aware that they are born with money inherited by their parents and they used it to their advantage to make a brand of themselves. I applaud them for it because who knows how long their parents riches would last? Kudos to them because they were thinking smart and thinking about prospering beyond their parents money.

People like me who’s parents don’t have the money to provide the means for their children in turn we have to provide for ourselves. Which has benefited me more than anything, it has made me motivated to dream. As of now I have a career goal but I don’t know how to pursue it.I want to enter the fashion world, not to be a designer but to help designers attract more customers and make fashion one of the important factors of everyday life. When you have on a great outfit you feel good and you look good. The result is a prosperous you through the compliments you receive from expressing yourself.

I wouldn’t say social media is all bad, because without it I wouldn’t know about the hottest thing on the market, new music and sometimes I get inspiration from social media.

As of right now I’m listening to an artist who goes by the name of ILOVEMAKONNEN. He’s been blowing up on social media sites heavy since the release of his single “Tuesday” featuring OVO artist Drake. Social media has helped build his career, his brand and is continuing to help him prosper.

He released his self entitled EP album ILOVEMAKONNEN December 15th which includes the hits “Tuesday” feat Drake and “I Don’t Sell Molly No More”. I’ve recently became a fan of his after listening to this EP, he’s not the artist you think he is. If you actually take the time to break down his lyrics you’ll soon realize how it relates somewhat to daily situations. For example, “Swerve”. In case you don’t know, in slang to swerve is to avoid or to get away from. So now we are getting to the meaning of the song. In the song he raps,

“My friends like sniffin’ cocaine

They hit the strip club on a bitch and make it rain

I like making money on the fuckin’ corner too

But I’d much rather be somewhere doing wall street dudes”

The exact reason why I fell in love with this song. His friends are doing other things rather than building themselves, making a brand of themselves, in other words prospering. He participates in those activities alongside them but he would rather be doing better as in he wants better for himself. Same for me, I party with my friends, drink, maybe dab in a little weed from time to time but in the back of my mind I want to prosper, I want them to do the same but if they aren’t trying to ride with me and build brands then I have to swerve.

Once old friends and old habits are dropped, I know there would be new ones approaching. But before this encounter in the words of ILOVEMAKONNEN,

“Whats the word on them? What’s the word?”

I have to get this info before we become friends, business partners etc because I don’t want anyone to down me in my process of making a brand of myself and prospering.

So, for the New Year approaching I’m going to swerve on friends who aren’t trying to make a brand of themselves, trying to prosper, trying to build and I think you should too.



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