Allow Me to Introduce Myself My Name Is..

Khalilah McKee, known to most as Lillie. Just call me Lillie. I’m a Sagittarius born on the 17th of December. I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York, now I reside in Columbia, South Carolina. It’s all good, I currently attend Claflin University as a Marketing major, focusing on the fashion aspect of it. Yeah, on to other news..

Most people would describe me as weird but a “good weird” –whatever that’s supposed to mean but I think that I am a pretty relaxed “chill” person. And that’s what matters WHAT I THINK of myself. This blog will be used to express myself, fashion, music & leisure. I can’t give you a whole agenda of what will post because this blog is just as unpredictable as my life! Nothing happens in sequence.

I believe I properly introduced myself. You’ll learn more about me as I post. Just be ready for the latest on music, fashion, & leisure from my point of view.


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