What is Fashion? (From My Perspective)

Is there an outline on how one should dress in the public eye? How one must perceive themselves to another’s liking? Or should fashion be a way of expressing oneself and approved by the one looking in the mirror?

Those are questions my peers ask when they ask me about my fashion sense. I always answer a question with a question. This time I’m going to give a direct answer.

First off, fashion is in the way YOU express yourself through clothes. There shouldn’t be an outline for it unless your line of work is involved but other than that be you! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t express yourself in the workplace but I know some places require uniform and dress codes. That’s another blog story for another day.

Talking general fashion–there are no rules. Well there’s one: be yourself. When it comes to styling yourself you should always show your personality in your outfit.

Worrying about what others think will make you a clone. You’ll start looking just like everyone else and that’ll be boring. Boring for me and boring for you. Yawning right about now just thinking about it.

What I love most about fashion is being able to see others express themselves through clothing. There are no boundaries, you wake up one morning and you feel like wearing a periwinkle cable knit chunky sweater paired with cranberry pants and silver platformed boots, why ? Because you feel like it. It makes you feel good, it expresses your outgoing personality.

These days it’s a competition. Who can out dress the next person, who wore it better… My question is why should it matter? This competition thing just takes the fun out of fashion.

I remember when I was around 10, my mother finally let me dress myself the way I wanted. I’ve been wearing uniforms since elementary school so when she let me pick out my own clothes I was happy as hell.

I remember for the first day of school, I wore dark wash denim dress with red low Chuck Taylor’s and a cerulean colored cardigan.

That was the best day of my life. Why? Because on that day I realized that I could express myself through clothing. Even in elementary when I wore uniform I expressed myself through either my shoes or accessories. But actually getting up that morning excited to pick out an outfit that expressed me really made me into fashion.

Fashion is an expression of you don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s your way of art. Another persons opinion without permission isn’t to help you its used to hurt you. How you perceive yourself in the mirror after putting on your outfit should be considered fashion. Nobody should be a critic, they don’t know you, only you know yourself. With that being said, that’s my idea of fashion.


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