Fashion Feature of The Week

It’s the start of the first week in March and as promised, I’m here to give you this week’s Fashion Feature! 

Nicki Minaj slays CIAA weekend in head to toe Alexander McQueen. 

In a pink, cranberry-maroon

 (I probably made my own color, hehe. Admit it, it’s one hybrid of a color. A great hybrid color by the way.) 

and a bittersweet orange were patterened into both her top and skirt. Her shoes paired well with her outfit being the same shade of pink with a touch of red-orange on her back heel.

Nicki is known for making her own trends and shutting it down wherever she goes. Simply, she slayed. 👑

More of Nicki below. 

These pics are from Nicki’s Instagram: @nickiminaj

As I said before there will be posts at the beginning of every week. I will not only post celebs, I will also post street features; people in general who make Spring their season. 


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