5/2/2015 – To My Viewers & Others

Okay, okay get on me. Tell me how slack I am, I’m trying. 

Bear with me.

 I had to look up whether it was bare or bear for that sentence above. Lol. It’s a moment we all have huh? Anyways… 

Here are reasons why I haven’t been present.

One: Exams, School work, Presentations (back to back might I add) Surprised me! Lol. Wasn’t what I expected out of certain classes.  

Two: I have so much to tell you all I just haven’t mapped out how I’ll tell it without being all over the place.

Three: Spring is about over and I feel like I’ve only done 2 #FFW & time conflicts trying to get the flyest of the fly on campus without disturbing their studies. 

Four: I’m working. I’m a brand, so I’m figuring out better ways to shape my brand. You know? It’s a thought process which I’m learning to be patient with.

This time I’m not putting forth anything unless it’s a continuation of a post. My schedule is unpredictable but I know I know this summer I’ll have spare time to blog in-between/after work or in-between/after projects that I’ll be working on. 

Thank you all for your patience and taking the time to view my blog! I hope you continue to read & subscribe! 

“Always Strive And Prosper”


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