The Real Deal about Real

Everybody wants a loyal person, everybody wants a companion; someone they can rely on. Someone who is 100% genuine. 


This applies to all relationships: friendships, courtships etc.   

We all want that opportunity to encounter someone who’s genuine. The REAL about that is:

No one is perfect. 

No one is capable to meet the needs of one another. We want that. We honestly don’t need half of the things we want out of a person. 

If we want real, we have to be real with ourselves first. 

I remember I had a crush on a guy and he was everything I wanted: quiet, tall, nice taste in style, nice hair, nice teeth, he was just everything to me. As time transpired, I told him how I felt about him, he told me he was talking to someone.

It could’ve been worse. He could’ve gotten my number and added it to his contacts and yall know how that goes. He was real with me which I respected. 

Even though he told me he was talking to someone else I still had a crush on him. I didn’t push up on him, I didn’t pursue anything I just let it be. It was easier to talk to him after and we always crossed paths on campus. He didn’t just become some guy I liked, he remained on my mind. Weirdly, he became an infatuation. 

I admired him, for being real with me that I sort of still had a crush on him. I can relate to what you all post in the middle of the night about loyalty and realness even though I received a glimpse of it. It’s a great feeling knowing that you can trust someone even better when you experience it first encounter. 

I took a step back and evaluated myself because I had to be real with myself for a second. No he wasn’t out of my league (for the record no one is out of your league), no he wasn’t perfect and no I wasn’t about to chase anybody who isn’t interested in me. 

So I faced it, he wasn’t interested. 

It was cool. 

After I rationed out the pros and cons I realized I wasn’t real with myself & he wasn’t [real]ly for me. Real attracts real. So be real with yourself, get to know yourself and someone will come along. 

With friendships, you have to go through trial and error to figure out who’s real and who’s not. Some people isolate themselves from people as a whole to avoid fake friendships. 

Again, no one is perfect. 

So as with courtship, friendship is something you would have to acquire through being real with yourself. You know what you can and can’t tolerate. You know what you stand for and if that person doesn’t cut it then be real with yourself and let them go. 

Everybody doesn’t deserve to be in your life, it’s okay. You can be that person who isolates themselves from crowds of people if you think that’s best for you and you’re happy. Now don’t isolate yourself because you’re mad at someone or just mad that’s not cool. 

Communicate, let others know how you feel. If they don’t respect that then they weren’t your friends in the first place. 

Whatever goes on whether in friendship or courtship remember to be real with yourself first, face it, and make sure you’re happy.

Feel free to comment. I want to know your views and opinions. 😊


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