Ninety days of summer quickly flew by and I am now trying to gather my thoughts as I start my junior year. I have a list of goals that I want to accomplish and I’m going to accomplish every last one of them. Because of this summer, I’ve learned some lessons and I feel that I need to share them with you all.

It all started in June….

I was frustrated, I felt like a bum. Like others my age when we don’t get what we want when we want it, we get frustrated and feel like our world has come to an end. I was now thrown into a pool with other twenty somethings who are unemployed, broke, tired and frustrated.

June was the start of lesson 1: patience.

Every month there was a lesson learned or a previous lesson that was retouched on because maybe I haven’t learned the first time.

Mid June my idea of being a bum has been erased as I received a call from The Columbia Urban League regarding an offer as a camp counselor for inner city youth. That’s the way the guy explained it to me on the phone but I ended up being a teacher’s assistant, teaching children ages 10-13 soft skills that their parents aren’t able to teach them at home.

I was relieved, not only was I working but I was also giving back. After a while the money didn’t matter because each day I made sure those kids walked out of camp with confidence and hope.

Then July, I gained a second job as an assistant to the program director of Columbia Urban League’s Level Up program in Richland county. I basically helped her with the itinerary for each day, answered phone calls, helped participants with time sheets and came up with ideas for upcoming participant meetings.

That’s where I found lesson 2: Modesty

I was patient and therefore I received. I was humble and I continued to receive.

I learned from the kids at camp everyday to be grateful and to be patient.

My summer went from low to high in a matter of sixty days and I was nothing but grateful.

By the end of July going into August, I prepared for school. This summer was REALLY a learning experience rather than an earning experience. I enjoyed everything about it, even my struggle. I earned my “[b]lessons” and I say that because my blessings were my lessons which shaped me for junior year.

Message to you, the reader: don’t ever be discouraged, be patient, and humble yourself it could be worse. Any lesson that you learn in life is a [b]lesson from here on out.


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