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5/2/2015 – To My Viewers & Others

Okay, okay get on me. Tell me how slack I am, I’m trying. 

Bear with me.

 I had to look up whether it was bare or bear for that sentence above. Lol. It’s a moment we all have huh? Anyways… 

Here are reasons why I haven’t been present.

One: Exams, School work, Presentations (back to back might I add) Surprised me! Lol. Wasn’t what I expected out of certain classes.  

Two: I have so much to tell you all I just haven’t mapped out how I’ll tell it without being all over the place.

Three: Spring is about over and I feel like I’ve only done 2 #FFW & time conflicts trying to get the flyest of the fly on campus without disturbing their studies. 

Four: I’m working. I’m a brand, so I’m figuring out better ways to shape my brand. You know? It’s a thought process which I’m learning to be patient with.

This time I’m not putting forth anything unless it’s a continuation of a post. My schedule is unpredictable but I know I know this summer I’ll have spare time to blog in-between/after work or in-between/after projects that I’ll be working on. 

Thank you all for your patience and taking the time to view my blog! I hope you continue to read & subscribe! 

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Fashion Feature of the Week 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What’s new ?

I recently became manager of the track team at my university (Claflin University). There isn’t a dress code for practice so today I decided to wear what I wore to class along with accessories. Photos along with deets (details) are below. 

Outfit deets:

Striped Maxi Dress- Forever21 ( $22.00

Snake Skin canvas shoes- Vans ( $55.00

Pink Pouch- Kate Spade ( $45.00

Cropped Navy Blue Confetti Sweater- Target ( $14.99

Shades- Rue21 $3.99

Next time I’ll be at a meet, so I’ll be in uniform. 😎

Saturday in Slay

Rihanna is a well known trend setter, known for taking risks and flaunting those risks on red carpets or just casually walking down the street.

The picture below features Rih rocking a Sean Jean pink velour sweatsuit, Dior handbag, and these boots ! 😍 I’m in love ! Thanks for the heads up Rih !

So the question is who designed these boots?

The designer of these amazing boots goes by Lindsay Degen. She calls them MAGIK boots.

Those boots are pretty magi(k)al to look at. Hehe.

Here’s where you can find them:

Lindsay Degen also has a line of bags in collaboration with #iko_ino, knits for children and adults.

To see more of her collection & collabs follow her Instagram:


“Two Outfits, One Day”

"Two Outfits, One Day"

MSGM crop shirt

Gucci print pants

Heels stiletto
$770 –

Nine West shoes
$100 –

Nars cosmetic
$35 –

Fashion Feature of the Week 

It’s Wednesday and yes I’m late – Monday was two days ago, I know. Without further explanation here’s your fashion feature of the week.

Bonjour ! I bring to you Paris Fashion Week ! No runway !

It’s a fashion show that comes from the streets of Paris.

I’m more interested in what the people in the audience are wearing more than the models. In my opinion it’s equally interesting. I love watching fashion shows (on YouTube hehe) but I always wondered what the people there, those opposite of celebs, what were they wearing?

What I’ve observed, the year 1970 is trending with bucket bags, chunky platform heels, nude colors, earth tone colors, flared pants etc. If not a whole 70s look, there are hints here and there from the colors to certain articles of clothing. 

Some chose to go opposite of the trend, and express their own style making Spring their season in the streets of Paris pictured below.

Derived from Cosmopolitan magazine.